Physical Education

Meaning of Physical Education:-

The word physical refers to the body. It is often used in reference to various bodily characteristics such as physical strength, physical development, physical health and physical appearance. It refers to the body as contrasted to the mind.


The body must to be vigorous in order to obey the soul; good servant ought to be robust. The weaker the body the more it commands, the stronger it is the better it obeys. If you would cultivate the intelligence of your pupil, cultivate the power it is to govern.
In the College campus there are sufficient play ground facilities for the Students. Our men Students participated in Volley ball, Cricket, Foot ball, Shuttle Badminton, Chess, Boxing, Weight Lifting, Power Lifting, Best Physique and Athletics B-zone Men and Women Students in Kho-Kho, Shuttle badminton, Chess in the Inter-collegiate Tournaments conducted by the University of Madras.
NandhaKumar, M.P.Ed., M.Phil.
Director of Physical Education.