Computer Science


The Department was established in 1998 with two UG programmes and three PG programmes. Considering the fact that India is thrusting itself as the leader into the information technology era, the department aims to impart high quality education and prepare the young men and women to challenge the ever-demanding IT field. The curriculums of the courses are designed to give strong foundation in all technical aspects of computers and its applications and also to develop the communication and soft skills of the students. Apart from making them good IT professionals, the department takes care to instill strong moral values into each individual to make them good citizens of our nation to serve the industry and society constructively.


  • To disciminate quality education in computer science and related fields to the rural students make them fit and have strong foundation to compete the challenges in the IT world.
  • To acquire better teaching methodology through faculty training and up graduation programmers. So as to facilitate teachers to impart computer education and its applications


  • To motivate the student to qualify for good results and prepare the students for independent growth and progressive careers for long – term professional employment.
  • To attain leadership in planning and resource management so as to improve upon the quality of technical education
  • To make the department vibrant and support the developmental activities of the college
  • To make contributions in areas of emphasis such as faculty, modern labs, department library.


For a batch of 25 students, a Teaching Faculty is appointed as a Counsellor who maintains the history card for each and every student steadily throughout the course. The students are counseled periodically every month, with regard to communication abilities, development of soft skills, confidence building, personality development, issues relating to studies and career pathways.


01.Bachelor of Computer Applications
02.B.Sc. (Computer Science)
03.Master of Computer Applications


  • The students are admitted only based only on merit
  • The college is affiliated to the University of Madras
  • Selection of candidates are as per Tamil Nadu Government Order 50% by merit


  • Three well-furnished computer laboratories with nearly 130 computers in Local Area Network.
  • A Seminar Hall with excellent seating arrangement and LCD projector facilities that is put to optimal use by the Department
  • Broadband Internet connection that is freely available for the students in two of the labs.


  • To implement computer based training.
  • he Department is focusing on training the students in various other areas, which help them in facing the interviews apart from the curriculum.
  • To offer one more PG course.